Volleyball Season, Fast Approaching: Coaches Rush To Fill Their Teams

Being a part of the volleyball team is a huge commitment that requires time and energy, but it’s also an enriching experience.

As the volleyball season quickly approaches, many coaches are looking to fill out their rosters. The University of British Columbia announced they have filled up all positions for 2022, with volleyball players from the United States joining this upcoming season. The coach says it’s essential to bring new voices and perspectives into our locker room.

The 2022 season looks just as exciting, with more changes on the horizon.

Volleyball is a sport that has been around for many years and has seen a lot of engagement in the players that participate this year; there was a big move with new hires coming into the volleyball world. This change brought about unique skill sets and techniques that have been implemented into the sport.

In the volleyball community, a few players have received a lot of buzzes.

We asked a local volleyball coach to give us his thoughts on some recruits and transfers this upcoming year.

First up is Annabelle, who has been named an impact player for the University of Calgary’s 2020-2021 roster. The coach states that she will be “a vocal leader because she has experience from her club teams that she will bring into practice.” In addition to being a vocal point, he goes on to say, “With her speed and eye-popping vertical, expect to see Annabelle setting in high ball screens frequently.”

The second transfer we profiled was Alexa from McGill University to the University of Toronto. After having a solid first season with McGill, Coach Jamieson at Toronto said, “Every team needs an Alexa on it; who is willing to do the dirty work and not complain about it.” He goes on to say that she’ll fit in seamlessly because she already has a year of university volleyball under her belt, so she won’t have to adapt to the speed of a new program.

Another transfer profiled was Marie from Trois-Rivieres Campus going to Acadia University in Nova Scotia this upcoming year. In three seasons at UQTR, Chabot earned rookie of the year and player of the year on her team. The last recruit profiled was Kyra, who will attend McGill next year. Coach Jamieson had this to say about her: “Kyra’s athleticism enables her to cover vast amounts of space quickly; she has an impressive vertical leap which makes it challenging to attack over the block against her.”


We predict that there will be significant movement in the volleyball world during the 2021-2022 season. We anticipate new hires by both collegiate and professional teams and some high-profile players making a move to a different team. Stay tuned for updates on who is moving where and what this means for the volleyball world!