The Oldest Super Bowl Coach

For this reason a coach must be in good health, in all aspects, especially mentally, since they are subjected to great stress during the development of the games and the entire season in which they participate, so you might think that they can not be people of high ages, however this is not the story of Bruce Arians, coach of the current Super Bowl champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bruce became last February the oldest coach, 68 years old, to win a Super Bowl, after being retired he was hired by the Buccaneers, with whom he managed to form a great team to win in 2021, and everything seems to indicate that he can repeat in 2022.

Bruce Arians, in one of those coaches that despite the achievements, experience, and age, he is attracted to simple things, he does not flaunt his successes, and is dedicated to the daily work with his team, which he pampers and treats with much respect, admiration, loyalty and friendship, and is one of those men who do not tolerate what is not right, as demonstrated in the recent case with the player Antonio Brown, a conflictive player, by nature, whom Bruce did not hesitate to leave out of the team, despite being an important piece in the strategy.

In the past, Arians led the Arizona Cardinals to the National Conference finals in 2015, but 2021 was not the only time this long-lived coach has been in a Super Bowl, he did it in 2006 and in 2009 as assistant coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.