Committed To The Future: Basketball 2022 New Hires & Movement

Coaches have talked about how the team needs to focus on themselves, stay humble, and be ready to work hard and compete each day.

If we can do that, who knows what will happen? There’s no point in predicting championship talk at this time, but it is definitely within our capabilities come next year. With the basketball season rapidly approaching, several new names have surfaced as potential recruits or transfers that are likely to impact their respective programs. It is only speculation at this point, but these are names to watch out for in the coming months.

Basketball heavyweights across the country are courting the freshman sensation.

With his impressive high school stats and physical attributes, he could be destined for greatness. This will not be their first time playing basketball with older competition either.

After a very successful season last year, including a Western Conference Finals appearance, the Oklahoma City Thunder have changed their basketball staff. After parting ways with head coach Scott Brooks and assistant coach Brian Keefe, Billy Donovan was brought in to fill those roles. In addition to these coaching staff changes, there have been four new basketball operations hires and player movement between basketball roles for three current basketball ops members.

The basketball team will see several new faces and make several moves before the 2021-2022 season.

At this time, none of these moves have been confirmed, but we’ve gathered information from our sources that indicate that the following players could end up on the roster next year:


If you’re looking for a basketball team that’s committed to the future, then we have just what you need. In 2021-2022, our basketball program will be full of new blood and fresh talent from all over the country! Check out this video highlighting some of these players who will make an impact on their respective teams.

Not everyone can be a basketball star at the university level, but there are still many opportunities to join basketball teams as managers and coaches. For those who wish to start an entirely new basketball career, we recommend checking out our basketball management degree program!

We believe that with this batch of players and team members, we will succeed in doing what no other basketball team has ever done before: make it to Division I Playoffs and win them all! We hope you’ll support us as we strive to achieve greatness!