Chicago White Sox Surge To Make A Significant Run For The First Place

If they continue to win at this rate, they’ll be sure to vie for a spot in this year’s playoffs as well as next season’s World Series. Go, Sox!

The baseball post-season is underway, with the playoffs set to begin after the winter.

The number one seed in the American League will host the wild card game against the number four seed. This year, the Chicago White Sox are looking to make a deep run after their second-place finish in 2021 behind the Boston Red Sox. The Sox are currently tied for first at 2-1 against the Texas Rangers, with both teams hitting well in this early part of the season when pitching has been dominant.

In an interview before Monday’s game, manager Rick Renteria asked if he thought it was too early in the season to start talking about World Series aspirations, said: “of course not.”

“I think that anything is possible. I think that baseball has proven itself over the many years to provide for many surprises. We’re going out there, and we’re taking it one game at a time, and we’re going to cross our fingers.”

“We have a few holes in our lineup, but we hope to make up for it with good pitching,” said shortstop Wade Johnson. “Our main goal is to get back to regionals.”

Today, the baseball world was abuzz as news leaked of baseball’s new commissioner.

As the first baseball commissioner under 40 years old, some baseball insiders are worried about his youth and inexperience with baseball issues.

However, others feel that his youth will allow him to change baseball for the better. “We were on top of the world when it came to revenue, viewership, everything,” said White Sox GM Rick Hahn about baseball during Bud Selig’s tenure as commissioner. Many believe that baseball’s new commissioner is what they need to put baseball back on the right track.

On baseball’s radar during his tenure is a new baseball league in Cuba, a possible baseball franchise in Mexico City, and a more comprehensive drug testing policy. Some baseball scholars believe that baseball’s commissioner will influence baseball, similar to how Basketball Commissioner Adam Silver has affected basketball. It will be interesting to see where the baseball goes with their new commissioner.


The baseball season is in full swing, and the Chicago White Sox are looking to make a comeback this year. With their new stadium and revamped roster, they’re poised to make a run for the playoffs. Keep an eye on them as they heat up in the coming months! The Sox also welcomed a new pitching coach this season. Under his leadership, all of their pitchers have reported significant improvements in velocity and accuracy. They’re on track for a fantastic year!