Boxing Fans Want More Women Competing At The Highest Level Of Boxing

We are only halfway through the boxing season, but pundits are already speculating who will be in the running for next year’s top boxing titles.

The world boxing news has been focused on boxing’s heavyweight division. In the past two years, boxing has seen a rise in women at heavyweight who can compete with their male counterparts. This is promising for boxing as an industry because it could lead to boxing being less of a sport dominated by men. More sports where both genders can excel equally if female contenders are allowed enough time to develop their skillset at the professional level.

After years of dominance, boxing fans were delighted to see women boxers controversially win a title.

However, after watching past performances against their contenders this weekend, many feel they still have some way to go to re-claim boxing’s top spot. In 2022, boxing will induct its first female heavyweight champion this year. This is due to popular demand by boxing fans who want more women competing at the highest level of boxing.


Overall, the sport has always been a significant part of human life. There are many sports out there, from boxing to martial arts, with passionate fans worldwide. The following five predictions for 2021-2022 will give you an idea about what’s coming up in the world of sport over the next few years. People are looking for an American fighter who looks better than ever in form and confidence. To make things even more attractive, experts have been revealed that a match could happen sooner rather than later.