Atlanta Braves, The Team That Overcame It All

But the Braves have had to overcome a lot of obstacles to reach this precious trophy, a team that started the season losing their first 4 games, they lost their main player in July with a serious leg injury, their dog out became a hospital plagued by injuries, in mid-August the team’s batting average was below .500, but as if all this were not enough, the toughest opponent was not in the Truist Park field, it was worse, they had it in their city, Atlanta.

In the streets, black fans complained about the way the team they followed with frenzy had become a white team, the city has been an icon of African descent, who in the recent past identified with great players of the team, They considered them their heroes, such as David Justice, who besides being admired for his great game, was very popular among black people in Atlanta because his wife was an actress of this race, such as Halle Berry, other heroes were Deion Sanders, Fred McGriff, and Otis Nixon.

People of color were happy with their team, they identified themselves in the streets with the franchise, they wore their jerseys and caps with pride, but nowadays, these same people feel that the Braves have distanced themselves from them, to complete in recent times the city has been involved in attacks against the black race, even homicides and mistreatment by white police officers against dark-skinned people.

But in spite of everything, the Atlanta Braves have achieved an epic feat, overcoming all the problems they have had to face to reach the October Classic and win it with gallantry.

It remains to be seen what the management of this club will do to win back a fan base that believes little in them, probably we will see in the seasons to come a roster full of black stars, which will surely bring that great black mass back to the stands of Truist Park.